Thursday, June 11, 2009

L I N E Lesson

Today, I finally got what Damein was saying about line drawing! There are limitations to the line you can make with a tattoo gun, it is quite different from drawing with a normal pencil. Today I practiced drawing with a tattoo gun but using a pencil instead of needle. Feeling the weight of the gun, made my lines stiff and made it difficult to trace. It also made me change my style of line, as you can see it is more precise and the lines are flat and fully resolved. Tracing is a very important component in making a good tattoo because it allows you to map out how to make the lines on skin. It is important to trace from LEFT to RIGHT because going the other way with the neddle will tear the flesh and produce an unconsistant line. Other limitations are the gun itself, which is attached with a wire to a power supply. All this can be worked out on paper, now that I understand the difference between line and L I N E that Damein talked about.

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